•  a thought-pause
  • the omission of words
  • a set of dots indicating an ongoing conversation
One of my biggest joys has always been visiting artists’ studios to witness the creative process first-hand. The way the easel is placed to capture the light coming into the studio, the way the canvas is prepared, the way the brushes are placed in order of their bristly thickness. Or the way the shapeless clay on the table becomes a solid form and transforms into bronze to live endlessly in time, with aging patina as its only time clock.
My efforts are in making artists’ works visible beyond their studios and making their art directly accessible to collectors. Each artist and curatorial project will be featured in a catalog presentation on the artists page.


Angelica is a Private Art Advisor working with a variety of artists and consulting private clients. She serves as Communication Officer for the NYU Alumni Council and is on the membership committee of ArtTable, the leadership organization for professional women in the visual arts.

2004, NYU
Masters Degree, Visual Arts Administration
Published graduate thesis focused on building a sustainable global market for Russian Contemporary Art, tracing Russian art through its various historical movements, from Soviet era to the Russian Non-Conformist Movement, to discussion of today’s contemporary art in Russia.

2005 – 2014
Director of Mimi Ferzt Gallery in New York City
Specialized in Russian Non-Conformist and Contemporary Art. Organized important curatorial exhibitions of prominent Russian artists, and successfully placed them in important private and public art collections around the world.