• art acquisition
  • art market research
  • curatorial advice
  • collection management
  • private studio visits with artists
  • customized visits to gallery exhibitions, art fairs, and auction houses

With 20 years experience in the art industry, I help private and corporate clients with advice and expertise on building and expanding their art collections. Through comprehensive art market research and long-standing relationships working with artists and galleries around the world, I am able to create a unique selection of artwork for clients in accordance with their specific needs, direction and taste.



Diana Al-Hadid
Danja Akulin
Anna Betbeze
McArthur Binion
Jeff Bliumis
Deborah Brown
Mihail Chemiakin
Genevieve Cohn
Karon Davis
Marlene von Durckheim
Nicholas Galanin
Margaret Garett
Dana James
Alicja Kwade
Arkady Lvov
Jiha Moon
Ercole Monti
Tatyana Murray
Ernst Neizvestny
Luisa Rabbia
Oscar Rabine
Joyce J. Scott
David Stern


Angelica is a Private Art Advisor working with a variety of artists and consulting private clients. She serves as Communication Officer for the NYU Alumni Council and is on the membership committee of ArtTable, the leadership organization for professional women in the visual arts.

2004, NYU
Masters Degree, Visual Arts Administration
Published graduate thesis focused on building a sustainable global market for Russian Contemporary Art, tracing Russian art through its various historical movements, from Soviet era to the Russian Non-Conformist Movement, to discussion of today’s contemporary art in Russia.

2005 – 2014
Director of Mimi Ferzt Gallery in New York City
Specialized in Russian Non-Conformist and Contemporary Art. Organized important curatorial exhibitions of prominent Russian artists, and successfully placed them in important private and public art collections around the world.